What is PMC?

PMC is a definitely new idea of wallet-card system that is combination of Virtual wallet and UnionPay debit card.
The service is utilized for various purposes, and it's useful that you can customize with your lifestyle
1 You can use UnionPay debit card at every UnionPay merchant store around the world.
2 you can withdraw the local currency at any UnionPay / PLUS ATMs around the world.

How to apply PMC card?

At first, please create your "PMC my Wallet" from here.
Everyone can have PMC-UnionPay card by charging money from the Wallet created.
No need to mail any documents and credit check. immediate approval.

I want to make a deposit into PMC MY Wallet

You have three options for getting your money into the Wallet – bank transfer, deposits from convenience stores throughout Japan, and credit card.
Your deposit will be immediately reflect to your wallet.
Grasp your opportunity to use it!

How to use a PMC card?

You need transfer funds from My Wallet to PMC UnionPay Card to use it.
The card limit is the money you transferred (with fees)
You cannot use PMC card without any fund transferred to the card, even thought there are money in your my Wallet.

What is the age requirement to apply?

You need to be 18 or older to apply.
You must submit your identification to prove your age.

Can I access the PMC website from devices other than PCs?

Yes, you can access from Smart phones (iPhone and Android) or tablets.

Can I apply from overseas?

You can apply from overseas. However, you must submit your government issued identification in your country.


Point Money Card is operated and developed by PMC Asia Corporation, a company specializing in online payment solutions and card payment processing.

PMC Asia Corporation is a Certified Remittance Agent by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Philippine Central Bank.

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